Centennial Honors College

African American Studies

Students may complete an honors curriculum in University Honors, Departmental Honors, or General Honors. All Honors students must complete the one-hour honors colloquium (GH 299). General Honors includes General Honors coursework. Departmental Honors includes honors work in the major. University Honors combines Departmental and General Honors.

The Department of African American Studies provides a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education emphasizing informed multicultural, analytical, and critical approaches to the historical development; societies; cultures; economic, social, and political problems; contributions; and potentials of Black people of the Americas and Africa. The honors experience in African American studies prepares students for careers in various fields, which include teaching, international relations, writing, publishing, social work, communications, community development, law enforcement, and many other careers that can be obtained through a liberal arts/humanities degree. Moreover, the honors work in African American Studies prepares the student for graduate studies. The student must complete all requirements for a major in African American Studies.

Grade Requirements

  • 3.4 overall GPA
  • 3.4 GPA in Honors courses

General Honors Requirements

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (3 semester hours) (a General Honors seminar may be substituted in some cases)
  • GH 299 (one semester hour).

Departmental Honors Requirements

  • GH 299
  • Six (6) semester hours of contract honors in the major courses at the 200-level or above. An appropriate General Honors Seminar may be substituted for contract honors work and may be applied as an elective toward the major in AAS only in consultation with and the approval of the Department Chair.
  • Three (3) semester hours of directed honors fieldwork, AAS 363H, and 3 semester hours of honors thesis (i.e. AAS 463H). The honors thesis in AAS focuses on an interdisciplinary topic within and may include fieldwork and original data collection undertaken in AAS 363H. The writing of the honors thesis will therefore be the cumulative effort of research and writing during the senior year under the direction of a faculty research mentor, and the results of the research will be presented during the spring semester of the senior year at a departmental honors seminar, in fulfillment of AAS 463H, and partial fulfillment of the Honor’s program in African American Studies.

University Honors

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (in some cases a General Honors seminar may be substituted)
  • GH 299
  • 6 semester hours of incourse honors or alternative listed above
  • 3 semester hours of directed honors research/fieldwork
  • 3 semester hours of directed honors thesis writing


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