School of Engineering

From the Director of the School of Engineering

Welcome to the WIU School of Engineering website, and the home of the newest ABET accredited engineering program in the State!

We hope you will take a few minutes and look over what we offer those interested in the profession of engineering. We trust you will be as excited as we are about our program!

Why should you join our engineering program?

Multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial, personal touch, lifelong knowledge…

I was once asked, "What do you offer students interested in engineering?"

That´s a real serious question when you consider this: If a doctor goes "oops" it´s called a tragedy. If an engineer goes "oops" it´s called a disaster.

There is an element of public trust and integrity surrounding an engineer’s proficiency that we take very seriously. So what we offer is rigorous learning with no compromises. We offer mentoring into the profession of engineering. We will teach you, we will test you, we will assess your mettle, and we will insist on the highest standards of integrity, and in the end, we will certify you as an engineer. The faint of heart need not apply!

Yes, it’s a serious business but it doesn’t have to be drudgery! Learning engineering can be intense, fun, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time. We will teach you to use all the latest software tools but ensure you understand the principles and science behind them. We will help you as you design and build exciting projects but more importantly we will help you become problem solvers.

WIU is the only public university with an engineering program in the Quad Cities, surrounded by 10,000 engineers and thousands of high tech engineering and manufacturing companies. One of our important strengths is our industrial partners here in the QC. By requiring our students to complete a paid internship with industry starting as early as their sophomore year, they begin to practice the art of engineering, learn valuable skills, and learn to solve real world problems. We call this ‘Earn while you Learn’.

We’ve got students and graduates creating howitzers with the Mandus Group, automating production lines at Sivyer Steel, solving manufacturing problems at Deere, and working on leading edge technology at the Quad Cities Manufacturing Group. What they learn and the experiences they gain mean that they can hit the ground running when they graduate and make an immediate contribution to their company’s bottom line… because they’ve already been doing it. The reward for your hard work? The title of ENGINEER, and an exciting, great paying job!

So yeah, it’s tough! But the rewards are great and you can count on us to help you become an engineer! Come join us and build the new World!

William F. Pratt, Ph.D.
Director, School of Engineering
Western Illinois University - Quad Cities Campus
3300 River Drive
Moline, Illinois 61265
Phone: (309) 762-9481