School of Engineering

School of Engineering and Technology Advising

Andi Potter, Academic Advisor - Macomb Campus, Quad Cities Campus

Phone: (309) 298-2100
Office: Knoblauch Hall 110

You and your advisor share an important responsibility. While ultimately you are responsible for your graduation requirements, your advisor is available to clarify University policies and procedures and to assist in developing your degree plan. You will be required to meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester to register for classes in the next term. Following are typical tasks you may discuss with your advisor:

  • Explore majors within the College and/or University
  • Drop a class
  • Review your degree plan
  • Make a schedule change
  • Declare or change your major
  • Obtain career information
  • Investigate internship possibilities
  • Apply for graduation

Transfer Students

There are two primary paths for students to enter the program: Transfer from a two or four year institution, and by registering with WIU Engineering and one of our partner colleges. Students seeking admission to the Engineering program must satisfy general university admissions requirements and register with both WIU and one of our partner colleges unless all such requirements have been met. Contact the School of Engineering for more details. Transfer students seeking credit for required math, science and engineering core courses must have earned a grade of "C" or better in all such courses to receive full credit.

The Transfer Planning Guide shows the Illinois Articulation Initiative standard course numbers common in most pre-engineering programs, the WIU course number equivalent, and the equivalent course number at the various community colleges. If no course number is shown, then that particular course is either not offered at that college or there has been no articulation. The staff of the School of Engineering is more than happy to help you with questions, so please don't hesitate to call.

Model Degree Plans

Curriculum Equivalency Charts

Transfer Planning Guide

Curriculum Roadmaps


Engineering Course Offerings - Fall

  • ENGR 100: Engineering Study and Seminar
  • ENGR 105: Engineering Graphics
  • MATH 133: Calculus I w/analytic geometry
  • MATH 231: Calculus III w/analytic geometry
  • PHYS 211: University Physics I
  • ENGR 212: Engineering Dynamics (QC & Macomb!)
  • ENGR 251: Strength of Materials (QC & Macomb!)
  • ENGR 300: Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ENGR 305: Transportation Engineering
  • ENGR 320: Mechanical Design
  • ENGR 331: Engineering Project Management
  • ENGR 345: Quality
  • ENGR 351: Engineering Material Science
  • ENGR 360: Structural Analysis
  • ENGR 370: Micro-Electronics I
  • ENGR 371: Signals & Systems
  • ENGR 372: Engineering Probability & Stocastic Processes
  • ENGR 410: Intermediate Thermo-Fluid Dynamics
  • ENGR 440: Additive Manufacturing
  • ENGR 452: Geotechnical Engineering
  • ENGR 461: Concrete Design
  • ENGR 471: Micro-Electronics II
  • ENGR 472: Mechatronics II
  • ENGR 482: Parametric Modeling
  • ENGR 490: Engineering Senior Design
  • ENGR 491: Engineering Internship

Engineering Course Offerings - Spring

  • ENGR 100: Engineering Study and Seminar
  • ENGR 105: Engineering Graphics
  • MATH 134: Calculus II w/analytic geometry
  • MATH 333: ODE
  • ENGR 211: Statics (QC & Macomb)
  • PHYS 213: University Physics III
  • ENGR 220: Computational Methods for Engineers (QC & Macomb)
  • ENGR 271: Engineering Electrical Circuits (QC & Macomb)
  • ENGR 310: Fluid Dynamics
  • ENGR 322: Mechanical Design II
  • ENGR 340: Manufacturing Engineering
  • ENGR 373: Linear Control Systems
  • ENGR 405: Highway Design
  • ENGR 411: Heat Transfer
  • ENGR 453: Geotechnical Design
  • ENGR 460: Steel Design
  • ENGR 470: Mechatronics I
  • ENGR 473: Industrial Controls
  • ENGR 481: Finite Element Analysis
  • ENGR 490: Engineering Senior Design
  • ENGR 491: Engineering Internship

Quad Cities Campus Offices

QC Admissions

Apply to WIU-QC • Informal Transfer Evaluations • Explore Majors

Kassie Daly, Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Transfer Services, Quad Cities Campus

Phone: (309) 762-3999 Ext. 62348
Office: Riverfront Hall

QC Student Services

Benefits for student veterans

Curtis Williams, Director of Student Services - Quad Cities Campus

Phone: (309) 762-3999 Ext. 62236
Office: Quad Cities Complex, Building C

Internships and Resumes

Audrey Adamson – Director of Center for Career Preparation and Employer Engagement

Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext. 62573
Office: QC Complex, Building C

Accommodations for students with disabilities

Temia Rice – Assistant Director of Student Services - QC

Phone: (309)762-3999 Ext.62309
Office: QC Complex, Riverfront Hall

QC Financial Aid

Scholarships, loans, and grant questions • Consortium agreements

Phone: (309) 762-9481
Office: Riverfront Hall