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WIU's School of Engineering is one of the newest ABET accredited engineering programs in the State of Illinois. We offer a multidisciplinary degree that allows students to build specialization on top of a fundamental core of subjects from Math, Science, Mechanics, Materials, Electronics, Robotics-Automation, Thermo-Fluids, Structures, Engineering Management, and Design. Why? Because we live in a multi-disciplinary world and these are the subject areas you need to master if you are going to remain competitive in this century!

Western Engineers can chose from six “emphasis” areas in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Manufacturing-Quality, and Materials Engineering, and Engineering Management. We encourage you to take electives in more than one emphasis area since this makes you more valuable to potential employers and gives you greater flexibility in career paths. The beauty of our program is that you make the decision of which area you want to specialize in at the beginning of your senior year! So if you are undecided and want to do an internship before making your choice, you can do it! That’s flexibility!

Entrepreneurial Engineering, Innovation, Leadership...are the hallmarks of this program!

Program Accreditation

ABET accreditation is an essential indicator that WIU's engineering program is recognized internationally for its quality and best practices in engineering education.

On the 23rd of August 2012 the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) granted accreditation to Western Illinois University’s Engineering program. It retroactively covers all our graduates. Learn more about ABET Accreditation.

Academic Club for Engineering (ACE)

The purpose of the Academic Club for Engineering (ACE) is to enhance each members’ educational experience by providing academic resources, hands-on experience and community service opportunities. Furthermore, the club will strive to represent and promote the Engineering Department at WIU-QC by hosting and participating in local engineering related activities.

Learn more about the ACE.

WIU Engineering Students on the ground floor for a manufacturing revival!

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