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Master of Accountancy - (M.A.c.c.)

The Master of Accountancy (M.A.c.c.) program is designed to develop outstanding graduates who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to enter the accounting profession and meet future career challenges. The Department of Accounting provides a student-centered environment that promotes academic excellence, professional and personal growth, a spirit of collegiality, and ethical and professional conduct. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and is engaged in research, service, and professional interactions to benefit the University, the accounting profession, and the community. Learn more about the Master of Accountancy program.

Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics

The Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics program is a 36-semester hour curriculum designed to provide students with a firm foundation of statistical analysis and modeling commonly used in many fields, including education, science, technology, healthy care, government, business or social science research. Students in this program will be trained on industry-standard software packages and gain modern analytical skills. Learn more about the Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics.

Master of Business Administration - (MBA)

Through its high-quality Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, Western Illinois University prepares its MBA graduates for socially responsible leadership and managerial roles in an interdependent, multicultural, and diverse business world. With full accreditation by AACSB international, Western’s College of Business and Technology ranks among the top 15% of business schools nationwide. Learn more about the MBA program.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Computer scientists impact society through their work in many areas. The advancement of technology has transformed the way and speed with which individuals work, communicate, and exchange information. As we now depend daily on the stability and reliability of our technology systems, there is a very strong demand for individuals with a background in computer science. Graduate-level computer scientists are generally hired to work with the next generation of technology in areas such as computer systems, networking, database administration, operating systems, search engines, software engineering, and custom applications. Learn more about the Computer Science program.

Master of Arts in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics is an extremely flexible degree with which graduates find employment in all sectors of the economy. A number of graduates have gone on to doctoral programs in Economics and other disciplines. The department is large enough to offer a wide selection of courses but small enough to provide individual attention. The department has alumni from over 70 countries, providing an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to other cultures. Learn more about the Master of Arts in Economics.

Master of Science in Engineering Technology Leadership

The Department of Engineering Technology offers a Master of Science degree in Engineering Technology Leadership. The program is designed to prepare manufacturing professionals to be knowledgeable about world class manufacturing systems. The program provides advanced course work in manufacturing strategies, agendas, and quality control. In addition, the program addresses principles of world class organizations and restructuring of manufacturing practices, which include, but are not limited to: simultaneous/concurrent engineering practices, just in time manufacturing, material requirements/resources planning, and product and process simplification with value analysis/value engineering. Learn more about the Engineering Technology Leadership program.

Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

The Department of Engineering Technology offers a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. The program give students the ability to apply new and existing technology in education and instructional settings. Students learn to design, develop, and evaluate instruction, instructional materials, and information resources. The program uses conceptual coursework with hands-on experience with multimedia laboratories, video editing, sound recording and photography production so students have the chance to use their skills in real-world settings. Learn more about the Instructional Design and Technology program.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

This program brings together the technical skills of data mining, statistical modeling, and forecasting for data driven decision making and for solving the analytical problems of the contemporary business world. The program is designed for graduate level students in diverse backgrounds.

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology

The Department of Engineering Technology offers five unique post-baccalaureate certificate programs in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT).

  • Online and Distance Learning Development
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Instructional Media Development
  • Technology Integration in Education
  • Workplace Learning and Performance
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

The SCM certificate is ideal for a supply chain professional interested in advancing his/her career and knowledge of SCM, or a college graduate with a good GPA who is interested in an SCM career. The certificate consists of twelve semester hours (four courses) and can be completed in two semesters.

Learn more about the Post-Baccalaureate Certificates.