Engineering Technology

The 58th Ralph Dirksen WIU Technology Exhibit

Egg Drop Competition Rules

Rules and Specifications

  1. Each team is to build a device that will prevent an egg from being broken when dropped from a height of fifteen feet onto a concrete surface.
  2. Each team will need to bring the designed egg holder for a medium-sized egg to the competition (Teams can design the egg holder in class).
  3. Materials used to build your protective device are limited to those listed below.
  4. To simulate the fact that engineering projects always have a cost associated with them, the items listed below must be purchased through an account provided to your design team by your instructor and verified by the instructor.
  5. Once you purchase an item or items; there are no returns for a refund. Therefore, carefully plan what is needed for your design.


The competition will be to determine whether or not an egg survives the impact from a three-story drop with no visible signs of cracks.
The winner will be the team with the lowest cost design and an unbroken egg.


  • Construction paper: 8.5" x 11"
  • Rubber bands: regular sized, NOT HEAVY DUTY
  • Cotton Balls: Regular size
  • Plastic Straws: 7-5/8" x ¼" flexible straws
  • Egg carton cup: Styrofoam or cardboard (either will work)
  • Masking tape: One-half inch wide in 5" strips
  • String: in 10" lengths

Cost Planning Sheet

Materials Cost Per Item Quantity Total
Construction Paper $5.00    
Rubber Bands $10.00    
Cotton Balls $5.00    
Plastic Straws $10.00    
Egg Carton Cup $15.00    
Masking Tape (5") $20.00    
String (10") $20.00