Engineering Technology

Leaunda Hemphill, Professor of Instructional Design and Technology

Knoblauch Hall 132

Research Interests

Online program and course development and evaluation, learning strategies for computer-based and online training, virtual learning environments, global e-learning, cross-cultural educational collaboration, technology integration in the schools, web-based and face-to-face professional development and evaluation, visual and digital literacy, strategies for handling cyber bullying situations.


Ph.D. - Instructional Design and Technology - Utah State University

Dissertation title: Development of a learner profile for computer-based training.
Chair: M. David Merrill

M.S. - English (Theory and Practice of Writing Emphasis) - Utah State University

Thesis title: How international graduate students and international professors collaboratively write technical journal articles.
Chair: Keith Grant-Davie

B.S. - Secondary Education (Earth Science and English) - Utah State University

B.S. - Geology - University of Missouri-Columbia

Additional Courses Taken

Synchronous Classrooms; Podcasting; Mobile Technologies in Online Learning; Tutoring Online: Principles and Practice; Tutoring Online: Principles and Practice; Synchronous Classrooms; and Encouraging Communication in Online Courses; Sims, Lab, and Virtual Reality in Online Learning; Multimedia Principles for Online Learning; and Time Management for Online Instructors.

Professional Certificates and License

  • Digital Accessibility for Educators Certificate  (Illinois Online Network, University of Illinois) - expected completion date: July 2020
  • Certified Online Learning Administrator Certificate (Illinois Online Network, University of Illinois)
  • Master Online Teacher Certificate (Illinois Online Network, University of Illinois)
  • Professional Educator License, Area of Concentration: Secondary Education (6-12), Endorsements: Earth Science, English

Examples of Publications

Hemphill, H., Hemphill, L., & Runquist, R. (2019). Application of systems thinking: Improving completion in online educational systems. In Spector, M., Lockee, B.B., Childress, M. (Eds.). Learning, Design, and Technology. An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Springer, Cham.

Hemphill, H.H., Hemphill, L.S., & Caliskan, E. (2016). Survey of teacher educators on professional development materials used for technology integration training. In M. Simonson (Ed.), 30th Annual Proceedings of AECT Conference 2015 (Volume 1: Research and
Development Papers). Indianapolis, IN.

Hemphill, H.H., & Hemphill, L. (2015). Adjusting the suspension in K-12 Schools: Systemic change outcomes. In M. Simonson (Ed.), 29th Annual Proceedings of AECT Conference 2015 (Volume 1: Research and Development Papers). Indianapolis, IN.

Hemphill, L. (2013). Flipping professional development: Development of a master instructor certificate for university instructors with a twist. Proceedings of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2013.

Mahadewi, L.P.P., Hamilton-Hancock, D., & Hemphill, L.S. (2011). A study of the effectiveness of using social networking sites in online collaborative projects. Proceedings of the 24th ICDE World Conference 2011, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Myers, J.J., McCaw, D.S., & Hemphill, L.S. (2011). Responding to cyber bullying: An action tool for school administrator. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Hemphill, L.S., & McCaw, D.S. (2009). Modeling professional development training that worked. In L.T.W. Hin, & R. Subrananiam (Eds.), Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12 Level: Issues and Challenges (2nd ed., pp. 808-822). 2nd Ed. Hersey, PA: IGI Global.

Hemphill, L.S. (2009). Using technology to support a wide range of instructional practices, approaches, and methods. Invited author. Illinois Reading Council Journal 37(2), 54-58.

Hemphill, L.S., Hemphill, H.H., Yoon, S-W, & Zhang, L. (2008, April). On the road to cross-cultural understanding: U.S. and Chinese graduate students collaboratively examine technology issues in the classroom. Classroom Culture and Dynamics. Editor: E.P. Velliotis. Chapter 8 (pp. 159-173), Nova Publishing.

Hemphill, L.S., Wood, A.M., Hemphill, H.H., & Ingram, D. (2007). Developing a virtual community of instructors and teaching assistants: A case study. Midwest Journal of Educational Communications and Technology 1(1). Macomb, IL: IAECT.

Hemphill, L.S., & Hemphill, H.H. (2007). Evaluating the impact of guest speaker postings in online discussions. British Journal of Education Technology 38(2), 287-298.

Zhang, L., & Hemphill, L.S. (2007). An instructional design model of technology integration focusing on technology. China Educational Technology Journal (4), 1-8.

Examples of Presentation Titles

  • Formative/Summative assessment evaluation and classroom management techniques. New Faculty Orientation, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL.
  •  Purposefully creating an effective online instructor presence
  • Blended learning models and tools: Making informed decisions
  • Video lectures for the classroom
  • Tools and techniques for creating graphics to support student learning and engagement
  • Designing an assessment plan for your class
  • Systems factors in improving continuing enrollment in online learning courses
  • A systems approach to teaching students to design social networking sites
  • Visualizing systemic change in online learning courses 
  • Incorporating microlearning strategies into a blended professional development program for instructors 
  • Master instructor certificate program with a flip: Challenges and successes
  • The impact of integrating BYOD programs into K-12 schools: A cross-cultural perspective
  • Considerations for using the same online course shell in three different countries

Awards and Recognitions

  • COEHS Faculty Scholar
  • Provost Award for Excellence in Technology
  • COEHS Excellence Award for Excellence in Teaching with Technology
  • Provost Award for Excellence in Internationalizing the Campus
  • COEHS Excellence Award for Excellence in Internationalizing the Campus

Example of Related Work

Professional Development Facilitator and Instructional Designer

Information Dissemination Editor/Writer

Writer of government proposals, user documentation, technical manuals, training material, brochures, catalogs, and newsletters for hardware and software products.

Customer Service / Trainer for pre/post sales support, proposal writing, system packaging, product evaluation and testing, programming assistance, conference and trade shows, customer and in-house staff training, and troubleshooting of hardware and software problems.

Academic Experience

IDT Technology Integration Program Advisor

IDT Graduate Advisor

Pedagogy Faculty Associate for Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research

Assistant Professor, Technology in Education (TIE) Program, College of Education, National-Louis University, Wheaton, IL

Assistant Professor/ Facilitator of Instructional Technology, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL

Adjunct Faculty: Illinois Online Network, South Suburban College, College of DuPage, Columbia College

Consulting Examples

Conducting cyber bullying workshops and presentations for K12 school administrators and staff

Conducting online and blended online course development workshops conducted in China and U.S. K12 schools

Developed Debt Financing Workshop and Customer Service online workshop websites for Western Illinois Entrepreneurship Center, Macomb, IL.

Developed an educational research methods course for an online educational institution’s instructional design program.

Evaluated online and face-to-face professional development curriculum and workshops on technology integration/engaged learning for Chicago Public School teachers, principals, and parents.

Advised an educational research institution on how to revise the content and activities of their online graduate course on reading literacy for secondary school teachers.

Developed an evaluation tool for evaluating the instructional effectiveness of an online zoo educational website.

Developed an instrument for testing adaptive learning strategies in computer-based training; this was the prototype for the front-end profiling tool now used by the corporation for their products.

Researched literature and wrote reviews for software development company.

Co-authored user manuals such as an automatic tracing system for an elementary education reading computer program.

Developed online and print hardware and software documentation manuals for engineering, hardware, and software companies.

Designed ad copy for a major exercise equipment manufacturer.

Created and field-tested science training curriculum modules for elementary education teachers; developed training videos; and trained field technicians in the use of the modules.

Wrote user documentation, for hardware and software products.

Developed and conducted training seminars for clients.

Wrote winning proposals for outreach program funding

Subjects Taught

  • IDT 285 Technology Integration Standards for Pre-Service Teachers
  • IDT 390 Interactive Distance Learning
  • IDT 500 Intro to the IDT Field
  • IDT 503 Microcomputer Applications in Instructional Technology
  • IDT 515 E-Learning Design and Development
  • IDT 516 Internet Resources for Education and Training
  • IDT 517 Technology Tools and Strategies for Digital Learning Environments
  • IDT 529 Integration of Learning Technologies for Education and Training
  • IDT 534 Technology Issues and Professional Development in Education and Training
  • IDT 536 Video Production for Multimedia
  • IDT 539 Learning Learning Technology Use in Digital Age Environments
  • IDT 553 Designing Content for K12 Hybrid Classes
  • IDT 553 Integrating Innovative Technologies into Your Classroom
  • IDT 560 Visual Literacy
  • IDT 591 Independent Study
  • IDT 595 Technology, Planning, and Research
  • IDT 756 Planning for Technology