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Instructional Design and Technology Graduate Certificates

The Department of Engineering Technology offers five unique post-baccalaureate certificate programs in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT).

Whether you are seeking to advance in your organization, start a business, or simply upgrade your skills in a current position, a certificate in IDT can play an important role in helping achieve your professional goals. The certificate programs combine up-to-date knowledge with practical applications and individualized experiences. The purpose of the certificate programs are to facilitate professional growth in technology and related abilities in problem solving and systematic planning.

You can tailor coursework to your specific career goal through five customized certificate programs. Each certificate program provides an opportunity to master specialized technology and skills in order for you to adapt and excel in an increasingly complex and technological work environment.

Transfer credit is not accepted into the certificate plan. Courses taken while working on these certificates can be counted as elective hours toward a Master of Science degree in IDT. Students who wish to pursue this option while working on a certificate should state such intention so they can receive proper advising. Successful completion of the certificate program does not guarantee admission into the IDT master’s degree program.

Certificate Options

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Educational Technology Specialist - 24 s.h.

Prepares current teachers for the Illinois Technology Specialist Certification and meets the educational requirements for this certificate.

Instructional Media Development - 18 s.h.

Prepares educators, instructional designers, and trainers to design video, graphics, and interactive multimedia for instruction.

Online and Distance Learning Development - 18 s.h.

Prepares educators, instructional designers, and trainers to effectively use and develop resources for online and distance learning

Technology Integration in Education - 18 s.h.

Prepares educators for using technology in the classroom.

Workplace Learning and Performance - 18 s.h.

Prepares educators, instructional designers, and trainers for designing and managing training and performance improvement projects.

Enrollment Requirements

Students who want the post-baccalaureate certificate must meet admission requirements. Non-degree students must meet the admission requirements for the Graduate School; degree students must meet the admission requirements for their degree program. The post-baccalaureate certificate program in business analytics students must hold an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Applicants are expected to have had at least one course in introductory statistics equivalent to Stat 171 or higher. A course in calculus (equivalent to Math 137) and/or a course in linear Algebra would be desirable but is not required to fulfill the deficiencies. Students deficient in the above minimum requirements may be required to complete deficiencies before starting the post-baccalaureate certificate program in business analytics.

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