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Why major in economics?

The choice of a degree is an important decision. Economics is an excellent choice. Economics applies the concepts and methodologies of the natural sciences and mathematics to problems in business, the social sciences and the humanities. A degree in economics has a series of advantages.


With the major changes that have taken place in the world of work, the rapid changes in technology and globalization, it is not uncommon for individuals to make several career changes during their lives. Today's hot specialized degree has often become tomorrow's target for downsizing. Companies that were relatively unchallenged in the domestic market have suffered as a result of global competition. As a result, experts in career development recommend that one seriously consider a flexible degree such as economics. See "Occupational Choices For the Economics Major" and "Undergraduate Tracks".


Majors in economics receive average starting salaries that are in the upper range of salary offers made to majors with other business degrees and significantly above most majors in other areas of the liberal arts.


Economics is a discipline in which you learn a unique way of thinking. This unique way of thinking is a primary reason that economics is also a flexible degree. Economic concepts have been applied to a number of different areas that would, at first, seem totally unrelated to economics. However, the concepts of economics are critical to finding solutions to problems in a wide variety of areas. See "Complementary Majors and Minors".

Rich in Skills

  • Analytical/Critical Thinking Skills
  • Quantitative Skills (Mathematical and Statistical Techniques)
  • Communication Skills (Written and Oral)
  • Computer Skills