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Undergraduate Programs in Economics

Did you know? The economics major consistently ranks high on salary surveys of college graduates. For women, the economics degree is described as "golden"!

The Department of Economics at Western Illinois University offers two undergraduate degrees in economics. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Bachelor of Business (BB) is offered through the College of Business and Technology.

Economics faculty and courses are the same for both degrees. The main difference between the two degrees is whose basic requirements the students must fulfill. Students pursuing a BA in Economics must follow the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences while those choosing a BB in Economics are required to fulfill the College of Business and Technology core requirements. To assist you in your planning, we offer a concise comparison of the two degrees.

We invite you to learn about some of the strengths of economics as a major, including the many career possibilities. Be sure to check out what our alumni are saying about their experience as an economics major at WIU.

Because economics is such a flexible degree that can apply to a number of fields, we have developed a system of tracks that can help you prepare for a specific career area. These advising tracks are optional yet potentially helpful in the career planning process. No matter which track you choose, you receive the same core foundation of economic training that makes your degree very marketable.

If you are interested in receiving additional information by U.S. mail or e-mail, or to set up an appointment, let us know how to contact you.

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