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Career Opportunities for M.A. in Economics

A common question asked by prospective students concerns the types of jobs held by graduates of the M.A. program in economics at Western Illinois University. Surveys of Western alumni have shown a wide diversity of positions at excellent salaries. Although detailed salary data cannot be disclosed, many graduates reported salaries in the mid to upper $40,000s up to the mid $60,000s. Two alumni have reported salaries of more than $100,000 within ten years after graduation.

The economics faculty at Western works with students and prospective employers to place graduates in positions matching their academic training with desired occupations. Graduates are encouraged to register with the Western Illinois University Career Services Office which, in recent years, has reported placing 90 percent of the students registering for placement assistance. In addition, members of the economics faculty, using their professional contacts, have assisted many graduates in obtaining excellent positions. For many students, the process begins by finding an internship. While many internships are unpaid, some students have secured internships that paid a stipend.

To provide potential students with information about positions held by M.A.s in economics from Western, lists of positions held and employers have been compiled. Our hope is that a careful review of this information will provide convincing evidence of the Economics Department's commitment to successful placement of its graduates.