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100 & 200 Level Courses

100 Level Courses

ECON 100 

Introduction to Economics. (3) (General Education/Social Sciences) A survey of the nature and scope of economics for students not planning to major or to minor in economics and not planning to pursue the Bachelor of Business degree. Not open to students who have had ECON 231/232 or the equivalent of either IAI: S3 900.

ECON 170

The Global Economic Environment. (3) An introduction to exchange rates, balance of payments, trade barriers, trade agreements and economic unions, relevant international institutions, ethical considerations in international dealings, and related topics. Impacts on U.S. consumers and firms will be emphasized.

200 Level Courses

ECON 231

Principles of Macroeconomics I. (3) (General Education/Social Sciences) An introduction to aggregate economics—monetary and banking institutions, national income theory, business cycles, government finance and taxation, and international trade. IAI: S3 901.

Econ 232

232 Principles of Microeconomics II. (3) (General Education/Social Sciences) A continuation of ECON 231, stressing industrial and labor organization, supply and demand, profit maximization under varying conditions of competition, and factor pricing. Prerequisite: ECON 231. IAI: S3 902.