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Does the economics degree offer flexibility?

In addition to salary and employment opportunities, job placement experts recommend that students consider the flexibility of an academic degree. In the past, one could expect to enter a career upon graduation from college and retire in the same career. This is no longer the case. Graduates can now expect to change careers several times during their working lives. By choosing a flexible degree, students can avoid, or minimize, the necessity of extensive retraining for another career. Job placement experts recognize economics as a flexible degree.

Advisory Tracks

For both BA and BB economics majors, there are "advisory tracks" for those who wish to develop additional background in a particular career area. While other "tracks" can be developed, the ones that have been formalized are:


  • General business and economics
  • Pre-professional and law
  • Government and planning
  • International economics
  • Financial institutions
  • Agriculture
  • Advanced degree

Did You Know?

A number of majors or minors combine well with an economics degree. See the full list.

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