Economics and Decision Sciences

James A. Yunker

Emeritus Professor
421 Stipes Hall

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Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1971

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities:

Economics 481: Mathematical Economics
Economics 504: Price Theory
Economics 505: Economic Policy Analysis
Economics 506: Econometrics I
Economics 507: Econometrics II
Economics 513: Economic Theory and Forecasting

Jim Yunker's primary research interest over his long career has been market socialism. Starting with "Capital Management under Market Socialism," published in the Review of Social Economy in 1974, he has published more than twenty professional articles and four books concerned with various aspects of the market socialist concept. His book On the Political Economy of Market Socialism: Essays and Analyses (Ashgate, 2001) is a collection of fourteen previously published articles on the subject. In addition, Jim has published a number of articles which apply economic concepts and methodologies in non-traditional subject areas such as library science, criminology, education, and international relations. His most recent book is entitled Political Globalization: A New Vision of Federal World Government (University Press of America, 2007). One of the most prolific authors in the Department of Economics, Yunker has published over 70 professional articles and ten books. In the teaching area, he favors the analytical approach, and his courses often involve a heavy mathematical component.