Economics and Decision Sciences

Tara Westerhold
Associate Professor of Economics

Economics and Decision Sciences
Stipes Hall 430F
(309) 298-1313

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Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1998

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

Econ 330: Intermediate Microeconomics

Econ 548: International Economic Relations

Tara Westerhold brings her specialization, Experimental Economics, inside the classroom. In all of her classes she uses classroom experiments or "games" as a means of allowing the students to observe firsthand economic incentives and the individual and/or social outcomes of choices. Economic experiments are playing an increasingly important role in classroom instruction as well as in academic research. In addition to traditional field studies, Tara is currently using an experimental approach in her research work on government procurement auctions. Most recently, she examined the state analog of the "Buy American" legislation in South Carolina and is currently pursuing a similar line of research for procurement in Illinois. In addition, she is the faculty advisor of the Economic Student Association and the Omicron Delta Epsilon.