Economics and Decision Sciences

Norman C. Walzer

Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1970

Walzer's bio at his retirement in 2005:

Norm Walzer's primary research interests are in state and local finance, and since the time of his arrival at WIU he has been perhaps the most successful faculty member in the College of Business and Technology in bringing funded research on problems in these areas into the university. Dozens of major monographs have come out of this work, and some of them have had a substantial impact on policy making in the state of Illinois and elsewhere. In addition to scores of articles in specialized periodicals such as the Illinois Municipal Review, Norm has placed many research articles in important economics journals such as the Review of Economics and Statistics and the National Tax Journal. He has also accumulated a considerable amount of administrative experience.

For several years he served as Chairperson of the WIU Department of Economics, for two years he served as Acting Dean of the College of Business and Technology, and his principal current assignment is as Director of the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs (IIRA). The IIRA does several hundred thousand dollars worth of applied research every year. Norm still teaches Economics 360 for the Department of Economics. Students in this course are thoroughly exposed to the kind of applied, pragmatic economics utilized by the majority of decisionmakers within both the public and private sectors. Norm Walzer's outstanding contributions were recognized by his selection as Annual WIU Faculty Lecturer for 1993.