Economics and Decision Sciences

Vaman Rao

Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1973

Rao's bio at his retirement in 2005:

Vaman Rao's research interests are primarily in the areas of economic development and energy and natural resource economics. He has published many articles in professional journals on various economic problems in these areas and also on economic and social conditions in India and China. His contributions on energy concern the estimation of energy demand functions and the economics of alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. Vaman's research on these matters utilizes the quantitative methodologies of econometrics and input-output analysis.

Other research projects have been in regional economics and industrial studies. He is very active in service, being editor of the Missouri Valley Economic Association's annual journal, as well as newsletter editor for the Indian Economics Association. Vaman Rao's teaching emphasizes the quantitative approach, and students are expected to attain a high level of competence in these essential methods of modern economics. Among other awards, Vaman's outstanding contributions to education at Western Illinois University were recognized by selection as the Annual WIU Faculty Lecturer in 1990.