Economics and Decision Sciences

Featured Alumnus 2003

Rudy Araujo

Rudy Victor Araujo (MA 85) is currently the Executive Secretary (chief executive) of the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas after a demanding career in Bolivian public service and then in international consulting on structural reforms.

Prior to coming to WIU, Rudy earned a B.S. in Economics (1982) and an MA in Human Resources Management (1984) from Truman State University. He taught business statistics at WIU until 1988.

In 1988, Rudy returned to Bolivia to serve as Statistics Supervision Head of Bolivia's Superintendence of Banks and Financial Entities. His innovations included implementing the current disclosure reforms and the analysis and implementation of supervisory regulations. Because of the results he achieved, he was made Supervisor of Strategic Planning to develop the organization's institutional development plan while he continued to help develop several regulations that stabilized the Bolivian banking sector.

In 1992, he left the supervisory agency to become involved in the privatization of state owned enterprises as part of Bolivia's structural reform policy. At the Planning and Coordination Ministry of Bolivia, Rudy analyzed the potential of the local financial markets to support the privatization process and concluded that its size and depth were not sufficient for such an undertaking. This resulted in his selection as head of the privatization unit.

Bolivia's largest public utility selected him as head of finance and administration after an international search. While there, he developed several mechanisms to improve performance and developed an anti-corruption scheme. His experience and integrity in dealing with the labor unions were critical factors in his selection as Bolivia's Pensions Undersecretary in 1993.

After a successful reform of the pension system, Rudy took over the National Statistics Institute with a mandate to implement an information democratization plan. The plan was successful and gave way to a later restructuring of the institution.

In 1995, Rudy was selected as National Coordination Secretary at the Ministry of the Presidency. In this office, he was responsible for coordinating and monitoring all aspects of Bolivia's structural reform plans.

In 1997, Rudy left the government, having been part of a team that had reformed Bolivia's pension system; privatized the larger public enterprises; improved people's participation in the democratic process; increased the power of municipal and departmental authorities; and institutionalized a public policy development and approval process.

For several years, Rudy served as a consultant to various governments to help them establish mechanisms to facilitate economic and social reforms that would benefit their people and eliminate corrupt practices.

In early 2000, Rudy was selected as the Executive Secretary of the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas, a continental association of banking supervisors. He is now involved in strengthening the banking markets in all of the nations of the Latin America through supporting the establishment of sound supervisory frameworks.