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Undergraduate Minors

  • Computer Science
    • Traditional option
    • Microcomputer Applications option
  • Information Systems
  • Network Technologies

Why Choose Computer Science at WIU?

Our students have access to leading-edge computing technology in the School of Computer Sciences. You will gain experience on a variety of computing equipment.

  • Laboratories full of the latest microcomputers from Dell and Apple
  • A networking laboratory with CISCO networking equipment
  • Enterprise-class computers from SUN Microsystems
  • A large IBM Mainframe

Students in the School of Computer Sciences at WIU enjoy other unique benefits:

  • Free software from Microsoft through our Microsoft Academic Alliance program
  • Membership in the WIU Computer Science Association or Management Information Systems Association
  • Potential membership in Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the international honor society for computing and information disciplines
  • Access to the full publication libraries of IEEE and ACM through the WIU library and/or inter-library loan

With the experience you'll gain at WIU, you'll be well equipped to make key technology decisions during your working career.

Our faculty have a variety of experience, degrees, and research interests. At WIU, you will learn from experts in many fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Languages
  • Databases
  • Distributed Processing
  • Networking
  • Simulation
  • Software Engineering
  • ...and more!