College of Business & Technology

Assessment of Learning


Assessment of Learning (AoL) is viewed as an ongoing, systematic process that provides solid, quantifiable evidence of strength and weakness within the College. It is not a device to monitor the performance of individual faculty members or progress of a specific student. The overriding goal is enhancement of the learning experience for the students and program improvement. At the undergraduate level, the College Assessment Committee oversees the evaluation and improvement of the common business core. The AoL process for specific majors is the responsibility of the departments in which the major resides. The AoL model for the MBA program is the responsibility of the MBA Committee and the graduate faculty of the College. The College uses a common format for all AoL models used by the business programs. The format involves five steps. 

  • Select student learning goals and objectives that describe the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities of CBT graduates.
  • Distribute the goals and objectives throughout the curriculum to assure sufficient coverage within each program.
  • Develop and administer direct and indirect measures of the goals and objectives. 
  • Analyze and report the results of the direct measures and any supporting indirect measures to the faculty. 
  • Utilize the results to assist the faculty in curriculum development and management and program improvement.