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Dear School of Agriculture Supporters:

Recently, WIU announced that the School of Agriculture is one of the twelve "Signature Programs" on campus and will be highlighted in their marketing strategies to attract prospective students. The institution describes a "Signature Program" as, "Noted for their size, unique area of concentration for undergraduate students, which lets you get hands-on experience from day one—Western Illinois University's signature programs have garnered recognition for the graduates they produce." This recognition is valuable, important, and relevant to our daily activities. In order for us to uphold this prestigious recognition in a tough economic environment, we are asking for your financial assistance to advance the School of Agriculture even further. The School of Agriculture has experienced significant growth in the last decade, by increasing the number of majors by 45% since 2003.

Attached is a document that outlines a support drive to ensure that we continue to provide academic excellence, educational opportunities, personal growth, and social responsibilities for our current and future students pursuing careers in Agriculture. We see your support assisting in three major areas, which consist of enhancing educational activities, supporting educational facilities, and assisting with student recruitment. The document outlines our intent by providing three support levels for companies/corporations/agencies to select from, plus a marketing strategy through advertisement of your group in the Livestock Center, plus on our website. Individuals can participate in this support drive or continue their support through the annual foundation fund drive, which outlines very specific areas of support through scholarly activities. The annual drive allows individuals to give any amount that fits their budgets.

This drive has three main objectives: to offer an advertising opportunity for our supporters, illustrate this support to prospective students and parents, and generate funds to continue our "signature" type of activities to produce "signature" type graduates. We would ask for your support to ensure we continue our efforts in enhancing our "signature" status and educating others on our Leatherneck Pride. If you have any questions about this support drive, please feel free to contact me at the main office (309) 298-1080 or at Thanks for your continuous support and cooperation.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Andrew J. Baker
Interim Director
School of Agriculture
Western Illinois University
"It is a Great Day to be a Leatherneck"