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Goat Test

Welcome to the Midwest Meat Goat Test. Chevon or goat meat is rapidly increasing popularity with the United States. To meet the increased demand, producers need to maximize lean growth rate and feed efficiency to meet this growing demand. This grain based performance test offers the unique opportunity to gain insight on the growth rate, feed efficiency, and carcass characteristics of current meat goat genetics. These tested bucks hold a great deal of value when it comes to making effective breeding decisions within your herd. The American Meat Goat Association, along with midwestern state organizations have joined forces to make the 2011 test the most progressive, well managed test to date.

Bull Test

Are you ready for higher feed prices?  Balanced rations and good management can affect feed efficiency and cost of production, however studies show that approximately 40% of the differences in feed efficiency are accounted for by genetics.  Reduced feed usage means higher profits from your next calf crop.  What does this mean in dollars and cents?  A bull requiring one pound less feed per pound of gain than another bull will transmit approximately 40% of that advantage or .4 pound less feed per pound of gain to his offspring compared to the other bull.  With ration costs approaching $160.00 per ton and each animal gaining 800 pounds from weaning to harvest, the result is a savings in feed cost of $25.60 per animal.  If that bull sires 100 calves over his lifetime he will put $2560 more in your bank account compared to the other bull.  Can you afford NOT to use a bull with documented feed efficiency?  Remember the benefits will continue to compound down the road as you save replacement females.

The bulls at the Western Illinois University Performance bull test will all have individual feed conversion data. Bulls arrived at WIU on October 5 and 6 and will be on test from October 27 to February 16.  
Approximately 50 of these rugged, thick-made Angus, Simmental, Red Angus, Gelbvieh, Polled Hereford, Charolais and Composite bulls with a lot of capacity and bred-in performance will be offered for sale at the 36th Annual WIU Performance Tested Bull Sale at 7 p.m. Friday, March 19, 2010 at the WIU Livestock Center on Tower Road in Macomb.  Lowderman Auction Service will auctioneer the sale.

All bulls came on test Merial SureHealthTM certified and tested free of Johnes and persistently infected BVD. Extensive production information is available to help breeders improve their herds through known genetic information.  In addition to average daily gain and feed efficiency, data will also be provided on ribeye area, 12th rib fat, marbling, scrotal circumference, pelvic area, frame score and birthweight, plus EPD data from the respective breed associations.  Again this year some bulls will have DNA test data available. All bulls offered for sale are screened for soundness and will have completed a breeding soundness exam and are ready for the upcoming breeding season.
The WIU bull testing station is open daily for those wanting to view the bulls prior to the sale.  Catalogs will go out to our regular mailing list about March 1. For more information and a sale catalog, contact Samantha Cunningham at 309/298-1288 or the WIU School of Agriculture 309/298-1080.

View the sale catalog and learn more about the WIU Bull Test.