2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog

Counselor Education

 Chairperson: Dr. Frank Main

Office: WIU-Quad Cities, Room 277, Moline, IL 61265
Telephone: (309) 762-1876
Fax: (309) 762-6989
E-mail: FO-Main@wiu.edu

Website: wiu.edu/counselored

Faculty: Alexander-Albritton, Hamann, McFarland, Nikels, O’Ryan, Parmanand.

Adjunct Faculty: Becht, Buwick, Macias, Nikolopoulos, Partridge.

The Department of Counselor Education offers graduate degree programs for students interested in pursuing careers in the counseling profession.

Course Descriptions


241  Career and Personal Development. (2)  This course emphasizes self-exploration leading to understanding and enhancing the student's own career and personal development. Students receive exposure to methods of learning about careers, job hunting strategies, and effective ways of presenting themselves. Through internal and external exploration activities, students receive assistance in academic and career decision making.

433  Special Problems in Counselor Education. (1, repeatable for different titles to 6)  Designed to provide a group of students an opportunity for further professional growth and to apply problem solving approaches in dealing with specific educational problems. Graded S/U only.

444  Counseling Children and Adolescents. (2 3)  This course is for students interested in understanding and improving their helping relationship skills with children and the significant others in the lives of these children. Needs created by the changing nature of our society with the growth in cultural diversity, growth in numbers of children growing up in single-parent and blended families, and recognition of the rights of the handicapped will be given special attention. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing or permission of the instructor.