2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Programs

Western Illinois University’s undergraduate academic programs are offered through four colleges, each of which includes several academic departments. Information about the colleges is given in the Colleges section of this catalog. Most departments offer one or more undergraduate programs of study leading to the baccalaureate degree. Information about departments and degree program requirements is given in the Academic Departments, Programs, and Courses section.

 The chart following this paragraph provides page references for information in this catalog about major and minor programs of study available at the undergraduate level. The chart shows whether a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Business (B.B.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (B.L.A.S.), Bachelor of Music (B.M.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.), or Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) is offered. Fields of study for which “Option or Concentration” is indicated lead to degrees through the completion of option or concentration requirements in a broader field of study. For example, students majoring in Zoology earn a B.S. in Biology by completing the Zoology option requirements in the Biology degree program. The chart also shows the fields of study that are available for teacher certification and as academic minors and undergraduate certificates at the University. “GradTrac” is indicated for the disciplines that are included in the GradTrac program. Information about GradTrac is given in the GradTrac section.

Degrees & Options
Field of Study Degree Option/ Concentration Teacher Certification Minor Undergrad. Certificate GradTrac
Accountancy* B.B.*     X*   X
Acquisition and Disorders of Language       X    
Acting – Theatre X       X
African American Studies* B.A.     X*   X
Agricultural Business   X       X
Agricultural Economics       X    
Agricultural Science   X       X
Agricultural Technology Management       X    
Agriculture B.S.   X X   X
Agronomy       X    
American Government   X       X
American Humanics: Nonprofit Youth and Human Service Organizations*       X*    
Animal Science       X    
Anthropology B.A.     X    
Applied Music   X      
Art B.A.; B.F.A.   X     X
Art History       X    
Art, Studio       X    
Athletic Training B.S.          
Bilingual/Bicultural Education B.S.Ed.   X      
Biochemistry   X       X
Biology B.S.   X X   X
Botany   X   X   X
Broadcast and Print Media       X    
Broadcasting B.A.     X   X
Business       X    
Chemistry B.S.   X X   X
Clinical Laboratory Science B.S.          
Coaching       X    
Communication* B.A.     X*   X
Communication Sciences and Disorders B.S.         X
Community Health     X  
Computer Science B.S.     X   X
Computer Science-Business   X       X
Construction Management B.S.          
Construction Technology       X    
Creative Writing       X    
Dance       X    
Decision Sciences       X    
Dietetics   X        
Digital Media       X    
Directing — Theatre   X     X
Early Childhood Education*   X* X      
Economics B.A.; B.B.     X   X
Elementary Education* B.S.Ed.*   X      
Emergency Management B.S.   X   X
Engineering** B.S.**        
Engineering Physics   X      
English* B.A.   X X*   X
Environmental Studies       X    
Ethics       X    
Exercise Science B.S.         X
Family and Consumer Sciences B.S.     X   X
Fashion Merchandising   X   X   X
Film     X  
Finance* B.B.     X*   X
Fine Arts Technology and Design     X  
Fire Administration*       X*    
Fire Administration & Management         X  
Fire Prevention Technology         X  
Forensic Chemistry B.S.     X    
Forensic Psychology       X    
Forensic Science       X    
French B.A.   X X   X
Functional Morphology and Evolutionary Anatomy       X    
General Studies* B.A.*          
Geographic Information Systems       X    
Geography B.S.     X   X
Geology B.S.     X   X
German       X    
Gerontology       X    
Graphic Communication B.S.     X    
Health Sciences B.S.       X
Health Services Management B.S.     X   X
Healthcare Information Technology Systems   X       X
History B.A.   X X   X
Homeland Security       X    
Horticulture       X    
Hospitality Management     X  
Hotel/Restaurant Management   X       X
Human Resource Management B.B.     X   X
Industrial Technology       X    
Information Systems* B.B.     X*   X
Information Technology Systems*   X*       X
Instructional Design and Technology B.S.         X
Instructional Methods and Training X        
Instructional Multimedia and Web-Based Development X        
Instructional Simulation and Games X       X
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.; B.S.          
International Agriculture       X    
International Business*       X*    
International Relations       X    
International Relations/Comparative Politics   X       X
International Studies       X    
Jazz Studies     X  
Journalism B.A.     X   X
Kinesiology       X    
Law and Society       X    
Law Enforcement and Justice Administration* B.S.*     X*   X
Legal History*       X    
Liberal Arts and Sciences* B.L.A.S.*          
Literature and Language   X       X
Management* B.B.*     X*   X
Manufacturing Engineering Technology* B.S.*         X
Manufacturing Technology*       X*    
Marketing* B.B.*     X*   X
Mathematics B.S.   X X   X
Medical Sciences   X       X
Meteorology B.S.     X   X
Microbiology   X   X   X
Military Science       X    
Modern Global History*       X    
Music B.A., B.M.   X X  
Music Business   X   X    
Music Therapy   X        
Musical Theatre B.F.A.          
Natural Resources Conservation       X    
Network Technologies
(was Telecommunications Management)
B.S.       X
Neuroscience       X    
Nursing* B.S.N.*         X
Nutrition       X    
Occupational Safety       X    
Operations Management*       X*    
Philosophy B.A.     X   X
Photographic Media       X    
Physical Education B.S.   X      
Physics B.S.   X X   X
Political Science B.A.     X   X
Pre-Law       X    
Pre-Law: Philosophy   X        
Production/Design – Theatre   X     X
Professional Writing*       X*    
Psychology* B.S.     X*   X
Public Administration       X    
Public Administration/Public Policy   X       X
Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration* B.S.*     X*   X
Religious Studies B.A.     X   X
Renewable Energy and Biofuels Technology   X        
Renewable Energy and Wind Technology   X        
Renewable Energy, Policy, Planning & Management   X        
Scuba Diving       X    
Security Administration*       X*    
Social Work B.S.W.         X
Sociology* B.A.     X*   X
Spanish B.A.   X X   X
Special Education B.S.Ed.   X      
Speech Science       X    
Statistics       X    
Supply Chain Management* B.B.     X*    
Survey Research Methods       X    
Theatre B.A.     X   X
Urban Forestry       X    
Web Design       X    
Women's Studies B.A.     X   X
Youth Development   X        
Zoology   X   X   X

* Programs available at WIU-Quad Cities and Macomb

** Final two years are completed at WIU-QC campus.

In addition to the programs of study listed on the chart, pre-professional programs are offered at the University in the following fields:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Forestry
  • Health
  • Law
  • MBA
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Medicine

Dual programs are available in clinical laboratory science and engineering in cooperation with approved schools of medical technology and the University of Illinois. Students can complete requirements for a bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences while working toward a professional degree or certificate. For more information see the Pre-Professional and Dual Programs section (p. ___).