2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog


All new freshman applicants to Western Illinois University in Macomb must submit the
following supporting documents:

  1. An official current transcript, listing courses taken and in progress. A final transcript must be submitted immediately upon completion of high school.
  2. The results of either the ACT test or the SAT test. An official ACT or SAT score affixed to the official transcript shall be accepted to meet this requirement. Applicants must request that scores from either of these tests be sent to the Western Illinois University Office of Admissions either at the time of testing or by writing to:

ACT: Records Department (WIU Code is 1158)
American College Testing Program
P. O. Box 451
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

SAT: Admissions Testing Program of the College Board (WIU Code is 1900)
Box 592
Princeton, New Jersey 08541

High school graduates who have been out of school for five years or more do not need to
submit ACT or SAT scores.

Western Illinois University in Macomb will enroll approximately 1,900 freshmen for Fall
2010. Admission to the University is competitive. With more than 90 majors and programs
to choose from, WIU seeks students who have excelled academically in the classroom and
who have demonstrated preparedness for a rigorous college experience. Co-curricular,
leadership, and/or volunteer experiences may also be taken into consideration.

All new freshmen applying to WIU in Macomb are considered for admission on the basis of
three criteria:

  • High school coursework/curriculum (Please refer to High School Course Specific
    Requirements section in the WIU Catalog.)
  • Cumulative grade point average on a 4.00 scale
  • An official ACT or SAT test result

Admission Standards

Pending graduation from a state-recognized high school, applicants to Western Illinois
University who meet the following criteria are eligible for regular admission:

A grade point average greater than or equal to 2.50 on a 4.00 scale AND an ACT composite
score greater than or equal to 20, or a SAT score (combined critical reading/math) greater
than or equal to 940.

Eligibility for regular admission for applicants not meeting these criteria will be considered
on a sliding scale. Generally, applicants with higher GPAs may have lower ACT/SAT
composite scores and applicants with higher ACT/SAT composite scores may have lower

Western Illinois University offers an Academic Services Program for students who are not
eligible for regular admission. For more information about the Academic Services Program,
please visit wiu.edu/universityadvising/academic-services/.

Note: To guarantee consideration for admission as an incoming freshman, applicants should
submit an application by May 15. Applications received after May 15 may be considered for
admission on a space available basis.

High School Course Specific Requirements:

Freshmen entering WIU are to have completed the following high school coursework
before entering the University:

a. English: four years with an emphasis on written and oral communication and literature.

b. Social Studies: three years, emphasizing history and government.

c. Mathematics: three years, introductory through advanced algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming.

d. Science: three years, laboratory sciences which include biology, chemistry, physics, earth
science, or other college preparatory sciences.

e. Other: two years to be selected from art, film, foreign language, music, speech, theatre,
journalism, religion, philosophy, and vocational education.

In the event that new students have deficiencies in course-specific requirements, the
University will consider alternative evidence or other academic activities in determining the
mastery of the knowledge and skills in the area(s) of the deficiency.

    Other Special Admissions Provisions

    Applicants without a High School Diploma

    Persons who do not have a high school diploma and are not currently attending high
    school may apply for admission if they have passed the General Educational Development
    (GED) test and have received the ACT or SAT scores required for regular admission.
    Applicants must submit official GED test scores and ACT/SAT scores to the WIU Office of
    Admissions. GED holders will meet with advisers who will discuss specific courses needed
    to meet any deficiencies in academic requirements.

    Non-Degree Status

    Any student who has earned a high school diploma or its equivalent may attend Western
    as a nondegree student without meeting the regular admission requirements under the
    following provisions:

    1. The student may enroll in no more than six semester hours per term, and may accrue no more than 30 semester hours at WIU.
    2. Students who have earned more than 30 semester hours of college credit at Western Illinois University are not normally eligible for nondegree status. However, such students may appeal to the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS) for nondegree status.
    3. Students currently on academic probation or suspension are ineligible for nondegree status.
    4. Nondegree students must apply to CAGAS if they wish to be considered for degree candidacy.
    5. Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid.
    Special Admission High School Students

    High school seniors who meet regular freshman admission standards may be accepted for
    special admission to enroll in University courses while concurrently enrolled in secondary
    school. The following provisions apply:

    1. The principal of the high school or an appropriate designee must provide written support for the admission applications.
    2. Students must agree to pursue prescribed academic advising through the University Advising and Academic Services Center.
    3. Such students may enroll for a maximum of two courses per semester or during the summer without permission of the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS).
    4. Only 100- or 200-level college courses may be taken without permission of the appropriate department.
    5. Exceptions to the above policy must be approved by CAGAS.
    Visiting Students

    A student who is a degree candidate at another institution may attend Western for one term
    under the following provisions:

    1. The student must submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for one semester.
    2. The student must submit an official transcript from their last school attended verifying they are in good status at that institution,
      Complete a personally signed WIU Visiting Student Form attesting good standing at the last school attended.
    3. Subsequent enrollment terms will be applied for through the Office of the Registrar as a re-entry student.