2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog

Financial Assistance

State and federal student loans and grants, as well as scholarships, work-study programs, and campus jobs, are available to help ease the cost of attending college. More than 76 percent of WIU students receive some type of financial assistance. Financial assistance is traditionally awarded in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment.


Scholarships at WIU have opened many doors for students. Through the generosity of alumni, faculty and staff, friends, parents, corporations, and foundations, WIU awards more than 1,200 scholarships annually. The majority of scholarships reward high academic potential and achievement, while others consider hometown, academic interest, or financial need. Scholarship opportunities exist for lower division, upper division, transfer, and international students. To receive a scholarship application or additional information about WIU's scholarships, contact the director of University Scholarship Activities located in Sherman Hall 308, telephone (309) 298-2001.

The Department of Military Science (ROTC) has two-, three-, and four-year federal scholarships that pay 100 percent of tuition and fees, or up to $10,000 of room and board, plus $1,200 annually for books and between a $3,000 to $5,000 annual stipend. In addition to the federal scholarships, ROTC has 40 Illinois ROTC scholarships which pay tuition and some fees for up to four years. For additional information contact the Department of Military Science in Horrabin Hall 103, telephone (309) 298-1161.

Talent grants and tuition waivers are awarded to students based on demonstrated talent in music, art, theatre, dance, and skills such as leadership or academic achievement. Students majoring in art, music, or theatre should contact the appropriate academic department to get information about the availability of talent grants. Awards based on leadership and academic achievement are usually given after students have generated a GPA at WIU, and/or become involved with various campus organizations.

Veterans Affairs certifies students who are eligible to receive educational benefits under the G.I. Bill.  All questions regarding such benefits should be directed to this office located in Sherman Hall 106, telephone (309) 298-3147. The Illinois Veterans Grant is administered through the Office of Financial Aid located in Sherman Hall 127, telephone (309) 298-2446.

Athletic scholarships are awarded according to University and NCAA guidelines. They range from partial to full scholarships. Students should contact the individual athletic departments for further information.

Grants and Loans

Information about financial assistance in the form of federal and state student grants and loans is available from the Office of Financial Aid, Sherman Hall 127, telephone (309) 298-2446. Financial aid advisers are available to answer questions and help complete applications. Most grants and loans are awarded on the basis of financial need as determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available through the Financial Aid website at fa.wiu.edu. Students are encouraged to apply early since some funds are limited.


All students enrolled for at least six semester hours during the academic year can apply for on-campus, regular student employment. Some students can qualify for Federal Work-Study positions based on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. All students are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session. Information on regular student employment and Federal Work-Study jobs is available on the Financial Aid website, fa.wiu.edu . For additional information on student employment opportunities, contact the Office of Financial Aid, Sherman Hall 127, telephone (309) 298-2446.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers

Students accepted for admission who are 65 years of age or older, and who are legal residents of Illinois with an annual household income less than the applicable eligibility level for the Illinois Circuit Breaker Program, shall be permitted to enroll in regularly scheduled courses, on a credit or noncredit basis, without the payment of tuition and mandatory fees provided that available classroom space exists and tuition-paying students enrolled constitute the minimum number required for the course. This regulation shall not apply to courses offered only on a noncredit basis or to courses designed especially for senior citizens. Contact the Office of the Registrar, Sherman Hall 110, telephone (309) 298-1891, for further information.