Department of Women's Studies

Minor in Women's Studies

Women’s Studies offers a minor in women's studies. The field of women's studies includes focus on the many and varied contributions of women to human culture, as well as the impact of culture on women.

This course of study offers a multicultural, interdisciplinary exploration of societal conditions that affect women in many contexts. Traditional disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, human services, health, and physical education fields educate students to multiple interpretations of issues, trends, and historical patterns that have affected women in the past and that will influence future social conditions. Understanding patterns of sexism, racism, classism, and other systems of oppression is an important component of the discipline of women's studies. In addition, the discipline emphasizes the extension of traditional bases of knowledge to include the experiences of women.

Courses in women's studies stress the impact of macro social structures on the lives of individual women and explore the means by which these structures shape literature, education, philosophy, psychology, religion, societies, health, and other facets of human culture.