Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology Student Profile - Sally Ash

Why I chose Western

"Most of the people from my high school went to ISU. I think Western is more personal, there is more opportunity for involvement because it is smaller. Sometimes I can’t believe how much I have become involved with since coming to WIU. It has changed my personality – I am much more outgoing than I was in high school."

Why I chose Sociology

"There are so many things you can do with Sociology as a major. You aren’t limited in the careers you can have when you have a degree in sociology. Sociology related to a lot of different majors and it gives you a better understanding of how to work with people. I think that will be an asset when I graduate."

After Graduation

"I serve as an RA in Bayliss Hall on a floor with freshmen and really enjoy that. I would like to work with students, perhaps in academic advising helping students who don’t know what they want to do. I am considering master’s programs in either Sociology or College Student Personnel."

"My favorite class so far has been Social Problems. My professor gave us a project assignment about identifying and addressing a problem on the WIU campus. My group worked on improving the student orientation program. It made it clear that we can work together to do something about social problems, to make changes."