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Student Profiles-- Sociology Graduate Program

Shellee Fecht.

               Shelle Fecht

Shelle Fecht’s current position is Public Service Administrator with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She supervises a team of intact caseworkers in Quincy and Beardstown Field Offices. She received her BA in Sociology with an emphasis in social work from WIU in 1988 and her MA in Sociology from WIU in 1991. She worked at Catholic Charities from June 1990 to January 1992. She started with DCFS in February 1992 as a caseworker with blended a caseload of intact and placement cases. In July 1996, she became the lead worker for this team. In December 2000, she became a Targeted Case Manager – working with the residential population. In November 2002, she transferred to Quincy Field Office as a casework supervisor.

“As a Supervisor with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, I appreciate the broad conceptual base that a degree in Sociology provides. My Sociology degree helps me to retain flexibility and adaptability and does not limit me to thinking that there is only one way to "solve the problem." I still remember a phrase from my Introduction to Sociology class. At its most simplest, Sociology is the "study of people." In today's world of ever greater specialization, I find that a comprehensive and eclectic background in Sociology is much more useful in my daily work.” -- Shellee Fecht, M.A. '91 (Intact Family Supervisor, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services)


From Our Graduates:

"Being a graduate student in sociology gave me the research experience I use on a daily basis for my current job. It is a handy tool to be able to conduct research in an efficient and accurate manner. The information I present to members of our association is different but the basic skills I learned as a graduate student helped tremendously." - Kevin Runkle, M.A. '03 (Regulatory Affairs Manager, Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Associatino)


"I believe my scholarly training in sociological theory and methodology prepared me well for an academic career. The faculty took a personal interest in my educational experience and advised me regarding a wide range of professional activities. I feel particularly fortunate to have had their instruction." - Janet Bokemeier, M.A. '75 (Chair, Department of Sociology, Michigan State University)

"The sociology graduate program at WIU gave me the opportunity to work with great professors and graduate students. The small graduate student-to-professor ratio provided me with the hands- on training I needed as a sociologist. I was encouraged to practice sociology through individual and collaborative research projects and received the support and encouragement needed to finish the program and pursue a doctorate in sociology." - Geraldine Hendrix, M.A. '03 (Ph.D. Candidate, Southern Illinois University Carbondale)