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Shengming Tang

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1992
Professor of Sociology

Contact Info

  • Office: Morgan Hall 410
  • Phone: (309) 298-1613
  • E-mail: Dr. Tang


  • Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 300 Minority Peoples
  • Soc 332 Research Methods II
  • Soc 414 Population
  • Soc 460 Family
  • Soc 530 Advanced Statistics

Areas of Specialization

Quantitative Methodology; Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations; Family


  • Tang, Shengming. 2009. Meditation of the Mind. Shanghai, China: Academic Publishing House. (pp. 1-273)
  • Tang, Shengming and Xiaoping Dong. 2006. “Parents’ and Children’s Perceptions of Privacy Rights in China: A Cohort Comparison.”  Journal of Family Issues, 27: (3) 285-300. 
  • Tang, Shengming. 2003. An Innovative approach to social research. Shanghai Social Science Publishing House.
  • Tang, Shengming and Ken Mietus. 2003. "Religious or scientific explanations: a typology," The Social Science Journal, 40.
  • Tang, Shengming and Jiping Zuo. 2000. "Dating attitudes and behaviors of American and Chinese college students." Social Science Journal, 37:(1) 67-78.
  • Tang, Shengming and Jiping Zuo. 2000. "Breadwinner status and gender ideologies of men and women toward family roles." Sociological Perspectives, 43:(1) 39-43.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

Western Sociological Association, Associate editor: Journal of Family Issues, a SAGE publication

Dr. Tang joined the Department in 1993.