Sociology & Anthropology

Robert Hironimus-Wendt

Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1997
Professor of Sociology


  • Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 300 Minority Peoples
  • Soc 333 Classical Social Theory
  • Soc 415 Social Stratification
  • Soc 525 Advanced Studies in Social Inequality
  • Soc 612 Seminar in the Instruction of Undergraduate Sociology

Areas of Specialization

  • Teaching and Learning, Social Inequality, Labor Relations


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Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

  • Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Pacific Sociological Association, Southern Sociological Society, Midwest Sociological Society, American Sociological Association, Association of Humanist Sociology, Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, the NAACP

Dr. Hironimus-Wendt joined the Department in 2005.