Sociology & Anthropology

Lora Ebert Wallace

Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2001
Professor of Sociology

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Areas of Specialization

  • Medical sociology, family sociology, Sociology of women's health and reproductive health, and survey methods/quantitative methods


  • Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 424 Sociology of Mental Health
  • Soc 430G Sociology of Women's Health
  • Soc 472 Medical Sociology
  • Soc 565 Sociology of Health and Medicine


  • Taylor, Erin and Lora Ebert Wallace. (forthcoming). “Feminist Breastfeeding Advocacy and the Problem of Guilt”, in Breastfeeding and Feminism: Informing Public Health Approaches, Paige Smith, Miriam Labbok and Bernice Hausman, editors.
  • Erin Taylor and Lora Ebert Wallace. “Feminist Breastfeeding Advocacy and the Problem of Guilt.” Presentation at Breastfeeding and Feminism Symposium, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Center for Women’s Health and Wellness. Greensboro, NC (March, 2010)
  • Robert J. Hironimus-Wendt and Lora Ebert Wallace 2009. "The Sociological Imagination and Social Responsibility." Teaching Sociology, 37(1): 76-88.
  • Wallace, Lora Ebert and Chason, Holly B. (2007). “Infant Feeding in the Modern World: Medicalization and the Maternal Body”. Sociological Spectrum, 27(4): 405-438.
  • Wickrama, K.A.S., Rand. D. Conger, Wallace, Lora Ebert, and Glen H. Elder, Jr. (2003). "Linking Early Social Risks to Impaired Physical Health During the Transition to Adulthood.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 44 (1): 61-74.

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

  • American Sociological Association, National Council on Family Relations, Midwest Sociological Society.

Dr. Ebert Wallace joined the Department in 2004.