Sociology & Anthropology

Chris Adamski-MietusChris Adamski-Mietus.

M.A., Western Illinois University, 1983
Instructor of Sociology


  • Soc 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 200 Social Problems
  • Soc 405G Aging
  • Soc 460 Family
  • Soc 480G Deviance and Disruption in the American Family
  • Soc 499 Seminar on the Sociology of Death and Dying

Areas of Specialization

  • Family, Social Problems, Aging, Death and Dying


  • 2013 “Who Ya Gonna Believe? Ghost Busters! Research in the Paranormal” presented with Alexandra Lamar, Midwest Sociological Society Convention, Chicagg, IL., March 29
  • 2010 “Teaching Peace: Not that I Believe What’s on Television” Western Social Science Association Convention. Reno NV., April 14-17
  • 2010 “Perceptions of Intergenerational Inequality” Western Social Science Association. Reno. NV., April 14-17
  • 2010 “The Peep Show: A hands-on Activity to Teach Sociological Terms”, Midwest Sociological Society. Chicago, IL. March 3- April 3
  • 2010 “A Scout is Always Prepared, but Not a College Student”, presented with Beate Wilson, Midwest Sociological Society. Chicago, IL. March 31-Apr3
  • 2009 “Sticky Sociology: Batteries Not Required”, Illinois Sociological Association Convention. Chicago, IL. Nov. 7
  • 2007 “Hope I Get Old Before I Die” presented at the Midwest Sociological Society. Chicago, IL. April
  • 2001 “Precontractual Solidarity and the Importance of Trust on Online Auctions”, International Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers. University of Minnesota, October
  • 1997 "Using Humor as a Teaching Tool in Gerontological Studies", Midwest Sociological Society. DesMoines, Iowa, April 1997
  • 1987 "Ethical Responsibility of Providing Services for the Elderly", Illinois Sociological Association. De Paul University, Chicago, IL. Oct. 29 -30
  • 1985 "Toward the Goal of Holistic Health Care Delivery Within a White Ethnic Community", Health and Aging Issues Conference of the Illinois Public Health Association. Chicago, IL., Dec. 11 - 13
  • 1983 "Correlates of Life Satisfaction Among Polish-American Elderly" Illinois Sociological Association. De Paul University, Chicago, IL., Oct. 28 - 29

Organizational Memberships/Affiliations

Midwest Sociological Association
Western Social Science Association
Alpha Kappa Delta

Professor Adamski-Mietus joined the department in 1996.