Sociology & Anthropology

Anthropology Programs of Study

Anthropologists are responsible for popularizing the concept of culture. As a discipline, anthropology also emphasizes a holistic understanding of the connectivity between gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and economics. Students pursuing a B.A in Anthropology will be encouraged to see the world holistically, as the sum of its biological, social, and cultural parts. Holism — an eye toward the all-encompassing "Big Picture" — is what distinguishes Anthropology from more technical and specialized fields such as marketing, finance, economics, mathematics, and other majors that view the world through narrower lenses.

Anthropology faculty at WIU have extensive field research experience and are nationally and internationally known scholars who specialize in human relationships with the environment.

An Invitation to You

To learn more about the anthropology major or undergraduate minor, we encourage you to contact us at (309) 298-1056, via e-mail, or feel free to meet with one of our anthropologists;