Department of Psychology

School Psychology Course Listing

Students in the Specialist in School Psychology Program are required to successfully complete a minimum of 66 graduate semester hours of course work and field experiences.  Here is the list of required coursework. 

Students complete on campus course work over five semesters, including one summer term. Click here to see a typical course sequence during the first five semesters. 

Students complete an internship during their third year of training. 100% of students are placed in internship sites and receive a minimum salary of of $9,000 a year while on internship.

Degree Requirements

PSY 502 Research Methods  (4)

PSY 520 Advanced Child Psychology (3)

PSY 541 Practicum I: Orientation to School Psychology (3)

PSY 542 Practicum II: Academic Assessment and Intervention (3)

PSY 543 Practicum III: Counseling and Assessment (3)

PSY 544 Practicum IV: Evaluation and Intervention (3)

PSY 570 Systems of Psychotherapy (3)

PSY 571 Group Processes and Group Psychotherapy (3)

PSY 581 Individual Psychology Evaluation: Intellectual Assessment (3)

PSY 583 Clinical Assessment II: Personality Assessment (3)

PSY 585 Psychological Problems of the Child (3)

PSY 590 Introduction to School Psychology (3)

PSY 591 Behavioral Consultation (3)

PSY 600 Seminar: Psychopharmacology for Community Mental Health (2) OR PSY 442G Biopsychology of Drugs and Addiction (3)

PSY 593 Interventions with Children (3)

PSY 599 School Psychology Portfolio (0)

PSY 602 Professional Experience (2) OR PSY 603 Thesis (3)

PSY 603 School Psychology Internship (12)

PSY 606 Illinois State Accreditation Exam (0)

EDL 520 Leadership for Special Needs (3)

LA 578 Language Arts for Diverse Learners (3)

PSY 575 Diversity Issue and Psychological Services  (1) OR CN 552 Counseling/Helping in a Multicultural Society (3)


Courses required unless equivalent undergraduate courses have been successfully completed:

PSY 425G Exceptional Children

PSY 442G Principles of Behavior Modification

If a student meets all course requirements in fewer than 66 semester hours, additional graduate-level course work in related areas (e.g., psychology, elementary education, special education, counselor education, educational administration) must be taken to fulfill the 66 graduate semester hour requirement. Such additional course work must meet the approval of the student’s academic advisor.

Here is a link to the typical schedule across the three years of training.