Department of Psychology

Student Reflections on WIU's School Psychology Program

Melissa Nemec, Class of 2016

Melissa Nemec,
Class of 2016

 "The school psychology program at Western Illinois University was definitely the right choice for me in pursuing my dream of one day becoming a school psychologist. Having a small cohort and dedicated faculty we are able to form connections and support each other through our experiences. This allows for collaborative discussion and really helps to understand topics regarding what it takes to become a successful school psychologist. Immediately after beginning the program we gain exposure to the school environment and working with students. This continues throughout the program and we are able to get more experience with different students in a multitude of settings. Gradually, we are able to take our skills we are learning in the classroom and utilize them at the school as we become more independent. I know that with the training I have received at Western Illinois University I will become fully prepared to enter the workforce and will have the skills needed as I move forward with my career."

Michelle Schnath, Class of 2017 

Michelle Schnath,
Class of 2017

     "In the beginning, I was a little worried about moving from Iowa to Illinois for Graduate School. However, looking back, I am incredibly happy that I made the decision to move. It has been a great experience to live a ways away from home and to have this experience. I have really enjoyed being part of Western’s School Psychology Program. I love how we get hands on experience in the schools right away. One of my favorite things about the program here at Western are the small class sizes. I am close with everyone in my cohort and am comfortable asking any of them for help. The professors are also supportive and it is obvious that they want you to succeed."