Department of Psychology

Our Mission Statement

The Western Illinois University School Psychology Program follows what Fagan and Wise (2007) call the pragmatic model of training. This model has elements of the scientist-practitioner model and the professional model, but emphasizes the importance for students to meet national and state credentialing requirements.

In order to meet these requirements, students in the Program require a strong knowledge base in psychology and in education. Equally important, school psychologists must operate legally and ethically within the settings in which they work. They must also have effective communication, collaboration, and consultation skills in order to share effectively the knowledge they have with consumers of their services.

They need an understanding and appreciation of diverse populations. Each of these pieces of professional preparation is a critical component of overall professional development. In the spirit of the pragmatic model of training, the Program has adopted the 10 domains of school psychology training and practice articulated by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)


Meeting of School Psychology Students & Faculty