Department of Psychology

Semi-Annual Student Research Forum

Psychology Department Poster Session


Held twice a year in the fall and in the spring, the Student Research Forum is sponsored by the Department of Psychology to showcase student research. The student researchers include undergraduate students who have completed research projects in their research methods course, senior honors thesis or other honors projects, and independent study. The research project culminates with a public presentation of the work in a poster session. This one-hour event (held one afternoon during the last week of each semester) features posters created by the students to present their research. Attendees, including faculty and students, are able to wander among the posters and talk to the students about their research.

Posters are highly visual and are intended to provide student researchers with the opportunity to engage in discussions about their work. The forum also provides opportunities for attendees to have the pleasure of learning about student researchers' work and to share their own research experiences. The session develops the students' skills in talking about their work with professionals and other students in the discipline. Thus, the forum is not just a showcase, it serves a useful educational purpose as well. Great work students!