Department of Psychology

Prospective Students

Excellent Career Prep for Clinical, Experimental, and School Psychology Students.From the activity of brain cells to the interaction of individuals in groups, from emotions to memories, psychology attempts to understand the behaviors, experiences and mental activities of humans.

The Psychology Department offers the undergraduate B.S. degree in Psychology, B.S. degree in Forensic Psychology, Master of Science degrees in General Psychology, Clinical/Community Mental Health, Specialist Degree in School Psychology, and minors in Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Aging Studies, and Forensic Psychology.

A college education is designed to provide students with the intellectual tools necessary to be successful in their future career endeavors. However, a good education is only one step in the process of securing an ideal career in your chosen field. A second step in securing that ideal position is to educate yourself about various career options that are available. Psychology is a particularly diverse field with many options open for exploration.

Special Opportunities

As a major, you will have the opportunity to earn field experience credit for work in such agencies as community mental health or rehabilitation centers. Majors and minors can also earn credit for participation in HOTLINE, a student-run crisis intervention telephone service.

Besides assisting in research projects, students have opportunities for extensive contact with faculty through individual readings, undergraduate seminars, and department committee memberships.

Psychology students can join the Psychology Club or its companion organization Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology. These organizations publish a newsletter; put on social activities; and sponsor educational events such as lectures, field trips, and programs on such topics as careers and graduate school.