Department of Psychology

Western Illinois University Psychology Faculty

Reginald Adkisson (Ph.D., Wichita State University). Teaches abnormal psychology and graduate level assessment. Research interests include personality disorders, personality assessment, and the integration with various forms of psychopathology.

Matthew Blankenship (Ph.D., Indiana University). Teaches and research interests in Neuroscience; neurological and behavioral factors related to memory, learning, and emotion.

Tracy Cruise (Ph.D., Illinois State University). Teaching and research interests in school, clinical and developmental child psychology.

Virginia A. Diehl (Ph.D., University of Maryland). Teaches and research interests in Cognitive psychology, especially memory processes and text comprehension.

Curt Dunkel (Ph.D., University of Nebraska). Teaches introductory and developmental psychology. Research interests in identity development in adolescents.

Steve Dworkin (Ph.D., University of Florida). Research interests in behavior analysis, behavior pharmacology and the neuroscience of addiction.

Paige E. Goodwin (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University). Teaches course in gerontology and human development. Research interests in adult development, intergenerational interaction, and health issues in aging.

Colin R. Harbke (Ph.D., Washington State University). Teaching and research interests in cognitive and quantitative psychology.

Scott Hemenover (Ph.D., Northern Illinois University). Teaches research methods and personality. Research interests in mood, emotion, affect regulation, and health.

Julie Herbstrith (Ph.D., Illinois Sate University). Teaches in the areas of personality and child psychopathology. Research interests include the relations between implicit and explicit measures of prejudice and factors related to the expression of prejudice.

Melanie Hetzel-Riggin (Ph.D., Northern Illinois University). Teaches introductory psychology and courses in clinical psychology. Research interests in trauma.

Robert C. Intrieri (Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi). Teaches and carries out research in the area of clinical psychology, with special interests in aging.

Kristine M. Kelly (Ph.D., University of Tennessee). Coordinator of the Experimental Psychology Program Teaches courses in social psychology and evolutionary psychology. Research interests include evolutionary social psychology, the need to belong and interpersonal rejection.

Ruth M. Kelly (Ph.D., University of Texas). Coordinator of the School Psychology Program. Teaches in the areas of developmental and school psychology with research interests in effective intervention strategies for children.

Tracy Knight (Ph.D., The Fielding Institute). Coordinator of Clinical Community Mental Health Graduate Program. Teaches courses in clinical psychology; has research interests in the delivery of mental health services in rural areas, the client-therapist relationship, in psychological assessment.

David J. Lane (Ph.D., Iowa State University). Teaches introductory and health psychology and research methods; research interests in health-risk and health education.

Jeff Laurent (Ph.D., University of Texas). Teaches assessment and school psychology courses; research interest in
anxiety and depression in children.

Dana Lindemann (Ph.D., Washington State University). Teaches fundamental of learning and behavior, field experience, and self-management. Conducts research using self-management skills to increase healthy behaviors. Current research focuses on decreasing risky sexual behavior among college students and increasing healthy eating and exercise behaviors among adolescents.

Eugene W. Mathes (Ph.D., Iowa State University). Teaches history and systems and personality and adjustment; conducts research on romantic love and jealousy.

Kimberley A. McClure (Ph.D., University of Texas, El Paso). Teaches research methods, statistics, and forensic and applied psychology. Conducts research in social-cognitive areas such as memory and recognition of faces.

Sandra McFadden (Ph.D., Northern Illinois University). Teaches statistics, perception, and neuroscience courses; research interests in factors affecting hearing

Russell Morgan (Ph.D., Kent State University). Teaches courses in behavioral neuroscience, psychopharmocology, and statistics. Conducts research in Psychopharmocology with an emphasis on the effects of drugs and environmental toxins on the development of cognitive functions in animals.

James A. Schmidt (Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University). Teaches with special emphasis on assessment and treatment of psychopathology from an interpersonal perspective.

Karen L. Sears (Ph.D., University of Illinois). Department Chair. Teaches statistics and industrial organizational psychology. Research interests in conflictresolution and group processes.

Valerie S. Smead (Ph.D., University of Indiana).Teaches abnormal, personality and adjustment, community systems theory, and crisis intervention; research interests in eating disorders, teacher expectations and provision of psychological services.

Hiroko Sotozaki (Ph.D., Carleton University). Teaching and research interests in cognitive and developmental psychology and neuroscience, especially dyslexia.