Department of Psychology

Current Student Testimonials


Western Illinois University has provided a great atmosphere to learn and get involved. The cohorts are small enough to become friends, but big enough to bring together a broad collection of ideas. We assist and motivate each other to strive for excellence. The faculty were what drew me to WIU. Each one is welcoming and more than willing to help in any way they can. Research experience is always available, either from my personal interests or current faculty research. Each faculty member that I have worked with has found a way to help shape my interests into a research idea. From the initial stages of brain storming to presenting the completed project, the guidance offered by WIU’s faculty have provided me with hands-on experience in the complete process of conducting research. It is from their guidance that I am confident I can be successful in my future plans of being accepted into a PhD program and begin research right away.

Shane Siemore, Current Student (April 2016)


current student

Having lived in Scottsdale, AZ for ten years (not a highly diverse area by any means), I chose to relocate to Macomb, IL to immerse myself in entirely different socioeconomic and racial strata of the United States. The Experimental Psychology program at WIU has allowed me to pursue my interest of integrating research on drug use and mental health with clinical practice (at WIU’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Resource Center) to provide better treatment for drug-use related issues. The program offers many opportunities for involvement in different labs, conducting personal and collaborative research, presenting posters and talks at well-known psychological conferences, and publishing manuscripts. The experiences I had at WIU have made me a more competitive candidate for future graduate studies, as evidenced by my acceptance into all of the three doctoral programs to which I applied. In the Fall 2016, I will embark upon a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Pacific University Oregon, and intend to continue working in the substance abuse field.

Natasha Kazakova, current student (April 2016)