Department of Psychology


As part of our mission to provide a foundation in graduate-level psychology, students take the following sequence of courses:

1st Semester:

  • Lifespan Development
  • Advanced Psychological Statistics
  • Current Research in Psychology
  • Independent Readings

2nd Semester:

  • Social Bases of Behavior
  • Research Methods
  • Current Research in Psychology
  • Independent Research


The seminar topics rotate each year and include in-depth coverage of topics such as evolutionary psychology, social cognition, affect regulation, memory, and the brain.

Many students often add elective courses such as Structural Equation Modeling (an advanced form of statistical analysis) and Teaching Psychology. These courses provide valuable skills that make students more desirable to doctoral programs and potential employers.

3rd Semester:

  • Principles of Neuroscience
  • Seminar (topics rotate)
  • Thesis

4th Semester:

  • Advanced Cognitive Processes
  • Seminar (topics rotate)
  • Thesis