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Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Sunami

The educational experience offered through the General Experimental Psychology program at WIU is very unique. I was in good hands of supportive faculty members who are genuinely concerned about my professional development as a scholar. The small size of the program allows students to work closely with the faculty members. These research opportunities offer students diverse research experiences that are particularly advantageous for those preparing admission into a Ph.D. program. Every step that you make with your advisor shapes you as a scholar in the field!

Naoyuki “Nami” Sunami, doctoral student, University of Delaware


 alumni 2

I chose the General Experimental Program because it gave me the flexibility to research areas that truly interested me. The talented faculty provided me with great support to achieve my goals ranging from continuing into PhD programs, teaching, or getting started as an applied researcher in the private sector. They make your research and career interests a top priority at WIU. I continue to stay in touch with them years after graduating. I'm very happy with my choice and highly recommend it to others.

Jacob Stolmeier, Market Research Analyst, Minding Your Business, Inc.