Department of Psychology

Colloquium Committee

  • Committee Members Function
    • Primary Duties: If a faculty member recommended the speaker, he/she is invited to be the contact person for the speaker and to make arrangements for the visit. Otherwise, committee members are responsible for making arrangements for external speakers which may include hotel reservations, assistance with travel plans, introduction of the speaker, and the organization of meals (lunch and/or dinner with interested faculty) with the assistance of department secretaries. In addition, there is traditionally a reception for each external speaker. The reception is usually hosted by the sponsoring or recommending faculty member.
    • Minutes or notes from each Committee meeting will be distributed to the faculty and filed by the Committee chair with the Department secretary.
    • Reimbursement: A committee member assists the speaker with reimbursement. The technical aspects are typically handled through the Departmental Administrative Assistant/Secretary. Prior to the presentation, external speakers will complete the necessary university forms and paperwork that will facilitate reimbursement for the speaker's expenses once all of the receipts for travel, lodging, and meals are received. Note: WIU faculty do not receive honoraria.
    • Additional Duties: Committee members will provide speakers (external & internal) with a letter confirming their participation in the colloquium series, indicating the date and place of presentation and any other necessary specifics. In addition, a committee member will provide the speaker with a letter of thanks for their participation.
    • Budgetary Considerations: Meals with the speaker are covered for up to three Psychology faculty. Alcoholic beverages are not covered.
    • Organizational Time Line: Speakers are usually solicited, contacted, and scheduled at least one semester in advance. This allows for the production of advertising and other publicity to take place. The committee members will also be responsible for providing the schedule and other pertinent details to the departmental web site coordinator, the departmental secretary for reproduction of the Colloquium flyers, and to the University publicity office so that information about speakers may be available to University community at large.
    • Suggested Terms of Committee Members: The committee consists of three members, one of which will be elected to serve a two year term to provide the committee with continuity. The committee will meet within 2 weeks of its formation (or sooner, if necessary) in order to elect a chair and discuss upcoming colloquia.
    • Procedures documented: January 30, 2004 revised October 9, 2006

Submitted by Colloquium Committee Members -- 2003-2004: RC Intrieri SM Lynch R. Morgan; 2008-2009 Colloquium Committee Members -- D Lindemann, Chair R Adkisson H Sotozaki

2012-2013 Colloquium Committee Members:

Reginald Adkisson, Ph.D. - Chair
Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin, Ph.D.
Jonathan Hammersley, Ph.D.
Tiffany Gorsuch-Bainter, M.S.