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Physics Research Day, Wednesday, April 2

Mar 31, 2014

Did you know that physics students at Western Illinois University are researching formaldehyde masers, magnetism, and quantum computing? Whether you are a physics expert, or a physics novice, there is something for everyone at Physics Research Day.

Graduate and undergraduate students will be presenting their independent research projects, and will be on hand to explain their findings.

Physics is ever-present in our daily lives, so come learn more about the universe at Physics Research Day!

Physics Research Day
April 2, 2014; 4 - 7 pm
Physical Sciences Library

Undergraduate Posters:
1. Zachary J. Abbott, H. K. Kim, & E. D. Araya, "Identification of Zeeman Pair Candidates in a Sample of Interstellar Maser Regions"
2. Igor Bielopolskyi, "Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Observations"
3. Nicholas Breslin, P. K. Babu, S. B. Mallur, "Effect of Semiconducting Nanoparticles on the Optical Band Gap of Lead-Borate Glasses"
4. Tyler Czarnecki, P. K. Babu, S. B. Mallur, "The Variation of Optical Band Gap in Lead and Bismuth Borate Glass"
5. Daniel M. Halbe, H. K. Kim, & E. D. Araya, "Time Delay Between Molecular Maser Flares of Methanol and Hydroxyl Lines"
6. Jamal Keaton, "A Brief History of Superconductivity"
7. Mark Tyler Smith, & E. D. Araya, "Velocity Gradients of Ionized Gas in Massive Star Forming Regions"
8. Matthew Tammen, "Generating Power with a Pressurized Water Reactor"
9. Wallace S. Teixeira, & K. T. Kapale, "Towards Quantum Dynamical Decoupling with Trapped Ions"
10. Deanna Valdebenito, H. K. Kim, & E. D. Araya, "Discovery of a New Maser Flare System: G40.62-0.14"
11. Jerold Young, H. K. Kim, & E. D. Araya, "Monitoring of Methanol Masers in G45.57-0.12"

Graduate Posters:
1. Ashish Adhikari, P. K. Babu, & S. B. Mallur, "Investigation of Refractive Index and Energy Band Gap in Lead Borate and Samarium Doped Lead Borate Glasses"
2. Suhail Albakheet, "The Use of Argon Laser in Ophthalmology"
3. Saleh Almansour, S. Altarifi, A. Alotaibi, H. Alkhateeb, & R. T. Gordon, "Evidence From Anisotropic Penetration Depth for a Three Dimensional Nodal Superconducting Gap in Single-Crystalline Ba(Fe1-xNi)2As2"
4. Mohammed D. Almelfi, "Summary of Excimer Laser Trends"
5. Awwad Alotaibi, S. Altarifi, S. Almansour, & R. T. Gordon, "Doping Evolution of the Absolute Value of the London Penetration Depth and Superfluid Density in Single Crystals of Ba(Fe1xCox)2As2"
6. Fheed Alsubaey, "Gaussian Laser Beams Experiment"
7. Saleh M. Altarifi, & R. T. Gordon, "Studying the Superconducting State in Ba(Fe1-x Co)2As2"
8. Saleh Alzahrani, "Using a Spinning Polarizer and Analyser to Depict the Conoscopic Isochromatic Interference Fringes in Anisotropic Crystals"
9. Eric R. Andersen, &, E. D. Araya, "Doppler Correction of 6 cm Data from ATCA"
10. Natalia Andreev, & E. D. Araya, "From Diffuse Clouds to Massive Star Forming Regions: Substructure in the Interstellar Medium Traced by Formaldehyde"
11. Jason E. Armstrong, & E. D. Araya, "Investigating Position Effects on Astrophysical Masers"
12. Alex Blanton, N. Andreev, & E. D. Araya, "Association of Molecular Clouds and Massive Star Forming Regions"
13. Daniel DeYoung, & K. T. Kapale, "Generation of Asymmetric Dicke States"
14. Aisha Farag, P. K. Babu, & S. B. Mallur, "Determination of Optical Band Gap in Lead Boro Tellurite Glasses from Optical Absorption"
15. Stephen O. Fatokun, P. K. Babu, & S. B. Mallur, "Effect of ZnSe and CdSe Nanoparticles on the Fluorescence of Samarium Doped Lead Borate Glasses"
16. William Heidorn, A. Olumoroti, P. K. Babu, & S. B. Mallur, "Compositional Dependence of the Optical Absorption of Sm3+ ions in Lead Borate Glasses"
17. Hyung Kwan Kim, & E. D. Araya, "Preliminary Results of a Survey for Periodic Masers in Massive Star Forming Regions"
18. Li E. Lee, & E. D. Araya, "A Search for C-Band High Molecular Lines Toward Massive Star Forming Regions"
19. Aysh Madkhli, S. Altarifi, A. Onaghise, & R. Gordon, "Tunnel Diode Resonator Studies of Superconducting and Magnetic Materials"
20. Kinnary Patel, Y. Patel, P. K. Babu, & S. B. Mallur, "Stimulated Emission Cross-Section of Praseodymium Ions (Pr3+) in Lead Germanium Borate Glasses"
21. Timothy Woodworth, & K. T. Kapale, "Quantum Error-Correcting Codes"

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