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Seminar Announcement for March 27, 2013

Mar 26, 2013

*****Seminar Announcement*****

PHYS600 Wednesday, March 27, 4:00-4:50 pm
Currens Hall 205
All physics faculty and students are invited.

Speaker: Mohammad Alshahrani
Graduate Student, Physics Department, WIU

Title: "Dark Energy and Dark Matter"


Dark energy and dark matter are relatively new and interesting concepts in astronomy. Based on theoretical calculations, dark energy represents about 73% of the universe and 23% is dark matter. Surprisingly, the entire sum of normal matter is no more than 4%! Scientists have established these hypotheses to answer some urgent questions about galaxies cluster rotation and accelerated expansion of the universe. Dark energy is a repulsive energy and it expands our universe. Is it a field or something else? On the other hand, dark matter holds almost everything in the universe together. It has gravitational influence, it forms the clusters and affects the spin of galaxies. But, is it matter or antimatter? Can we see it through instruments or not? These are astonishing properties of the universe that needs to be answered. In this presentation I will explain some of the evidences for the existence of dark matter and dark energy.

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