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Physics Colloquium, Friday February 15-Dr. Ryan Gordon

Feb 11, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Gordon
Date: Friday, February 15, 2013
Time: 4 PM
Room: 205 Currens Hall

Superconducting gap studies of iron-based superconductors from London penetration depth and thermal conductivity measurements


Newly discovered iron-based superconductors may be the key to understanding how the general mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity is possible. One way to gain insight into how this phenomenon works is to experimentally probe the superconducting gap, which contains information about the electronic interactions that give rise to this state. Two experimentally measurable quantities that are sensitive to the superconducting gap structure are the London penetration depth and the thermal conductivity. During my talk, I will discuss recent data taken on several different members of the family of iron-based superconductors from London penetration depth and thermal conductivity measurements. Based on the results of these measurements, I will summarize what can be said about the superconducting gap in these materials.

About the speaker:
Dr. Ryan Gordon is the newest Physics professor at Western Illinois University. He earned his B. S. in Physics and Mathematics from WIU in 2005 and went on to earn his Ph. D. in Condensed Matter Physics from Iowa State University in 2011. From there, Dr. Gordon conducted postdoctoral research at University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. While he was a student at WIU, Dr. Gordon was awarded the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for high-achieving undergraduates in the sciences. Since arriving at WIU, he has begun setting up his laboratory to study various physical phenomena related to superconductivity and magnetism in materials by using tunnel diode resonators.

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