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Student Seminar on March 7, 2012

Mar 1, 2012

*****Seminar Announcement*****

PHYS600 Wednesday, March 7, 4:00-4:50 pm
Currens Hall 205
All physics faculty and students are invited.

Speaker: Ademola A Jinadu
Graduate Student, Physics Department, WIU


Interaction of light with two-level atoms is well understood through the phenomena of absorption and stimulated emission of light. However, real atoms always have more than two levels and this multi-level structure can be exploited for variety of interesting applications. In general, interaction of light with multi-level atoms generates interference effects that are commonly termed as atomic coherent effect, for example coherent population trapping and electromagnetically induced transparency. Through these atomic coherent effects one has controllable handle on the response of an atomic medium to the light fields that are incident on it. In this presentation I will talk about interaction of three level atoms with two light fields and how it can cause emergence of structures smaller than the wavelength of both the light fields that the atom is interacting with. These ideas are applicable to atom localization, Nano-lithography, and microscopy beyond the Rayleigh limit.

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