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Physics Research Day Spring 2014
Physics research day
32 posters were presented by our undergraduate and graduate students, this was the largest Physics Research Day yet.
FUN COURSE FOR SUMMER 2014 :PHYS 101 (3 CH) Introduction to Astronomy (Gen-Ed)
Taught by Dr. Kishor T. Kapale, Associate Professor of Physics
Why should you take this class?

Whether you realize it or not, the Earth is an integral part of the universe and it is continuously affected by the events around the universe. It is more important than ever to develop understanding of the new happenings in Astronomy and Modern Physics to appreciate our place in the universe, get some feeling for the fate of our precious star Sun, know where the universe is headed, and how all of that may affect the life here on the Earth and the Earth itself!

Why take this class in the summer?

We have more good-weather days in Macomb for astronomical observations during the summer so you will get more chance to play with the telescope and see more of the cosmic objects, including breathtaking view of Saturn and its magnificent rings, several stars, and star clusters.

What would you learn from this class?

This course will help you learn the fundamentals of Astronomy, the scientific method used in all of science along with:

  • Idea of the distance and time scales of the Universe.
  • The basis tools of astronomy: telescopes, nature of light and spectroscopy.
  • History and the fate of our Solar system.
  • Life cycle of stars and its effect on evolution of life here on the Earth.
  • Exotic objects such as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.
  • The frontiers of our understanding of the universe through the concepts of dark matter and dark energy.

Register for this introductory astronomy class, have a fun filled and informative summer and raise your GPA simultaneously.


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