School of Nursing

Application Process for Nursing Degree Students

This is the final phase of admittance into both emphases, Pre-Licensure BSN. and Online RN-BSN Completion, of the Nursing Major. To prevent delays or problems, contact your advisor for assistance with this process.

Application Steps

  1. File completed application with the School of Nursing by the appropriate due date.
    Students will be considered pre-nursing until all the Nursing Major admission requirements are met or permission is granted by the School of Nursing Admission, Progression, and Retention Committee.
  2. Submit a current copy of the State License to practice nursing as a Registered Professional Nurse(RN-BSN only).
  3. Maintain minimum cumulative g.p.a.
  4. Submit official transcripts with the application for admission. Failure to submit all post-secondary transcripts will result in a denial of admission.
  5. Secure and submit letters of reference from two professional references: one academic (i.e., instructor or professor) and one clinical (i.e., supervisor).
  6. Provide documentation to Certified Background Check of all health and safety requirements for verification by the due date.

This program is highly competitive. Meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

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